This page is full of lists – a list of the books I love, a list of the gear and software I use, and a list of the things I carry with me on a daily basis. I share all of this, hoping you will discover something new and interesting.

πŸ“š Books I love

Going through all the books I read since 2016, I noticed I don't actually read a lot of books about design, marketing and technology. Nevertheless, the books listed below are worthy additions to your reading list.



πŸŽ’ Tools, toys & apps

I use a lot of apps, gear and tools in day-to-day life and some of them might be interesting to you too. Have a look, and let me know if anything listed below found its way into your heart.

Productivity apps

  • 1Password – The best password manager I ever came across.
  • Asana – Task and project management for individuals and teams.
  • Craft – Great for taking notes and creating documents.
  • Done – Habit tracking (I use it for tracking health goals).

Essential apps

  • Matter – All-in-one RSS reader and read later app.
  • Pastel – Color palette based wallpapers.
  • YNAB – Budgetting app (couldn't do without it).

Design tools

  • Affinity Suite – Great (and cheaper) alternative to Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Coolors – Randomly generated color palettes.
  • Figma – Wireframing, prototyping, mindmapping, diagramming, etc.
  • unDraw – Open source illustrations.
  • Unsplash – Beautiful, free stock photos.


  • Alto – Clean and minimalist Ghost theme.
  • Ghost – Modern CMS for content creators.
  • Plausible – Cookieless and GDPR compliant Google Analytics alternative.

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